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  • E. Novickas


Sidetracks are a professional hazard for a translator; after all, you need to know every last bit of it, don't you? Translating Jurgis Kunčinas's 1993 novel Tūla proved particularly hazardous, and undoubtedly explains why the translation is taking so long. Take, for example, the artist Juozapas Kamarauskas. I'm not sure, but I think the aquarelle mentioned in the novel is a part of his Vilnius Plan in Pictures 1923 – 1928. But I had a great time browsing Kamarauskas's other works, which seem to be widely available on the Internet. A virtual show from the Lithuanian Art Museum has some wonderful examples. The website has more, but unfortunately, the website interface is terrible, or at least, my web browser keeps getting tangled up in it.

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Coming across new vocabulary is one of the great pleasures of translating, and I can’t help but share my delight in coming across the word srėbtuvė. A bit of explanation: the ending -tuvė is often use

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