The same and not quite the same,

I walked through oak forests

Amazed that my Muse, Mnemosyne,

Has in no way diminished my amazement.

A magpie was screeching and I said: Magpiety?

What is magpiety? I shall never achieve

A magpie heart, a hairy nostril over the beak, a flight

That always renews just when coming down,

And so I shall never comprehend magpiety.


from "Magpiety"

Czesław Miłosz

translated with Peter Dale Scott


Books in the time of isolation

Jurgis Kunčinas's Tūla is now available as an ebook on Amazon, 

Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other ebook vendors. 

In addition, an ebook version of Frank Kruk is available in a number of libraries—but only in a PDF format.

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Our two upcoming titles are Marius Katiliškis's Autumn Comes Through the Woods translated by Birutė Vaičjurgis Šležas, and Bees on the Snow (original title Kalės vaikai) by Saulius Šaltenis, whom we congratulate for winning the 2020 Lithuanian National Prize for his lifetime of work in literature.


Bees on the Snow

(Kalės vaikai)

by Saulius Šaltenis

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