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PICA PICA PRESS is dedicated to bringing the classic texts of Lithuania to the English-speaking world.

We will offer all forms of literature, be it poetry or prose, essays or drama. Era is no barrier, either: Like the magpie, our aim is to collect and present gems of literature from this under-explored area of Europe to an English-speaking audience, as time, health, and wealth allows.


Although our emphasis is on our translations from Lithuanian, we hope to bring our readers works from any of the languages once spoken in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, including Yiddish, German, Polish, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian.



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The people behind this project include Violeta Kelertas, Dalia Cidzikaitė, Daiva Litvinskaitė, Loreta Mačianskaitė, Rimas Miksys, Elizabeth Novickas, Aida Novickas, Henry Rexroad, Terry Sowka, Aurelia Tamošiūnaitė, Henrietta Vepstas, the Lithuanian Culture Institute, and the NEA, whose support & assistance we are most grateful for.


Illustration by Vytautas K. Jonynas from the 1941 edition of Kristijonas Donelaitis's poem of peasant life, Metai.

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