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  • E. Novickas

Magnificent magpies

I feel rather silly that I hadn't thought of looking for magpies on youtube before. After all, Pica Pica Press is interested in all things relating to its namesake. I do try to avoid the ones of pet magpies, though—they tend to make me sad. Here's some brief reviews:

This one features a pause to give a sweep over the location—the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, a "this is where this guy lives" kind of shot. I'm pretty damn envious of the view, bird, but a parking lot is still a parking lot. And then the magpie seems to be stamping its feet, which comes long after you've begun to wonder — is that damn bird trying to talk? (See pet magpie videos.)

A troublesome magpie tries to get the attention of a dog by whimpering. The dog isn't having it, and uses universal inter-species body language to say: I don't see you, ergo, you don't exist. Go away.

Magpie flight is about what you would expect: in slow motion, they really do look like thugs surveying their territory. The landing, however, is utterly spectacular, a magnificent slap in the face to the pathetic earth-bound creature they've just left behind.

Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole...

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